ay i'm jo and i like sharks n soul eater
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Mikoshiba Momotarou [Free! Eternal Summer: Episode 2]


growing up


Robin dares to Starfire to be his girlfriend/wife. (For anon.)

yesterday in sociology my teacher put a picture of jeff buckley on his powerpoint presentation and he asked if anyone knew who jeff buckley is and my hand sHOT UP, i was the only one who knew who he was…. smh


Tiana and Naveen’s wedding phone backgrounds. Feel free to use them.

Maka Albarn | Soul Eater Endings 1, 2, 3, & 4

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► NO.

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I have nothing better to do with my life so here have some flower crown icons

all because of that jontron feud i lost all of my friends nice 

i want the url for scraggies but IT’S A PASSWORD PROTECTED BLOG I’M SO SAD